Leaving Queenbrough on 4th November 1995 (photo NEA Kelly), at Isfield January 1996

Stored at Isfield 1999 and 6th August 2001

This machine has sat largely ignored since arrival on the 4th November 1995, apart from occasional raids for spares for no 825. Despite comments from a number of people, most of whom should know better, there is no reason why 830 should not be restored. The only serious problem with 830 that did not afflict 825 is the damaged axle box and missing bearing, however the components necessary to repair this are available.  The engine has been briefly run and appears in reasonable condition.  Otherwise most of the rest of the machine is actually in better condition than 825 (many of the apparent problems being due to dismantling for spares needed on 825) and 830 does not suffer from the damage of a long ago accident nor the crudity of a rebuild done by apprentices. Based on the experience gained with 825 up to three or four years will be required to deal with 830.

Still stored in 2006

Stored in 2007

Missing final drive bearings used on 825, missing gear box

Stored in 2009

Update (Jan 2008)

Some progress has been made on this locomotive at last.  As it was easier to do them both together the gearbox was rebuilt at the same time as 825's - this was finished in 2006 and put into store for now. The Stibans group have very kindly provided some spares from the locos they have dismantled - they came with a late series final drive they have no use for and they have also provided a set of much better wheels.  This will considerably reduce the amount of work needed to get 830 running especially as the final drive came with the bearings necessary to replace those used on 825.  The most significant missing component now is the axle bearing stolen some years ago that will have to be made.

'New' wheel sets (with thanks to Stibans)




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